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Asia Pacific Aluminium Company


Asia Pacific Aluminium Company (APAC) was incorporated in 2010. Its business operations centre around market and customer development, sales and marketing as well as customer and plant interface.

The company employees possess extensive experience in various functional areas: sales, marketing, product development, technology implementation and manufacturing. They also have immense knowledge of APAC’s products and related services, such as aluminium foils, sheets, plates, extrusions and forgings.


Our Partners come from various backgrounds, but all have held executive positions in multi-national conglomerates in the aluminium and metal industries. Using our combined professional experience and expertise, we will be able to advise you as needed.


Reynodual  Nominated At BATIMAT For Innovation Award 2013



Call us: (65) 6808 7732

Reynodual  nominated at BATIMAT for Innovation Award 2013


The new product Reynodual has been exclusively presented at BATIMAT and as an innovative solution in the category "structure". It is a new wind- and A2-fire resistant double sheet aluminium panel. With a thickness of 3 mm Reynodual is ideal for applications with high technical aesthetic and environmental requirements.  Learn more >


High-Grade Aluminium


We help clients source high-grade aluminium for their needs whether it be sheet and coil, painted sheet and coil, plate, extrusions, tube, rod/bar and AL composite panels(ACP), or custom made Aluminium products.




APAC Foundation helps to provide cutting-edge skills and hands-on experiences that open doors to economic opportunity.

Community and Environment

Sustainability is part of our DNA. We’re committed to the future of our communities, our planet and our people.

Ethics and Compliance

We are committed to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws.


We lead with innovation and turn it into commercial success helping to transform entire industries in the process.

High caliber. Exceptionally experienced. Tested and proven. The best and brightest lead Asia Pacific Aluminium.

We are customer-focused, inventive, diverse and relentlessly focused on performance. About all we do what is right everyone, everyday, everywhere.


The Metropolis Tower 2
11 North Buona Vista Drive, Unit #08-09
Singapore 138589

Email: apac@apac-sg.com

Tel: (65) 6808 7732