Grandezza Interior


GRANDEZZA Interior is delivered as a Reynobond® composite panel consisting of two coil-coated aluminium sheets that are fusion-bonded to both sides of a fire-retardant (FR) core.
With its coating EFFECT & PROTECT, it is especially developed for use in the most demanding applications, in kitchens or bathrooms. It distinguishes itself by the following attributes: resistance to heat and humidity, moisture-repellent surface as well as protection against corrosion.

GRANDEZZA Interior can be easily shaped using common machine processes like drilling, cutting, bending, curving and forming. The possibility to fold this product allows the creation of strong and seamless corners. Because of its light weight, its flatness and easy installation it is also ideal for renovation projects.

GRANDEZZA Interior was developed to last. It is highly resistant and durable, making it especially suitable for areas, which are heavily used day-to-day. Please consider general advices and guidelines for maintenance and cleaning.
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