The coating of your choice to suit your needs

You can select from a variety of different coating system according to your needs, which offer up to a 20 year guarantee and may benefit from three gloss-levels: matt, satin, or high gloss.

  • Polyester coating:  This coating system possesses good flexibility and high performance in areas of high weather exposure. Extensive range of colors available.

  • Polyamide coating: All the benefits of polyester plus outstanding scratch resistance.

  • PVDF 70/30 coating: PVDF 70/30 is considered the standard for high-tech coatings in the construction industry, primarily on the strength of its excellent ageing stability. This coating is particularly well suited for aggressive environments and extreme climatic conditions.

  • DURAGLOSS®: So as to fulfill all possible creative requirements, we’ve also developed an in-house colour and coating system: DURAGLOSS®. Its superiority is particularly evident in its gloss. Upon request, we offer DURAGLOSS® with the following additional coatings: Anti-graffiti, anti-scratch, anti-bacterial and easy clean.

  • SUPRAAL: This is a specific coating for extremely severe conditions which provides a higher corrosion and abrasion resistance.

  • Special coating (e.g. FEVE,.)

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